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Tzatziki: served with pita bread $4.99
Humus: served with pita bread $4.99
Falafel: 5 falafels served with tihini and pita bread $4.99
Spanakopita: served with tzatziki sauce $4.99



Topped with our signature house made garlic sauce and your choice of ( Lettuce , Tomatoes , Onions , Turnips , Pickles , Parsley , Hot Pepper , Green Olives , Black Olives).

Chicken shawarma regular: $6.99
Super: $9.99

Chicken souvlaki regular: $6.99
Super: $9.99

Gyros (beef and lamb)
Regular: $6.99
Super: $9.99

Falafel regular: $5.99
Super: $7.99

Make any of the above COMBO   add $2.99
Served with your choice of Greek salad , Fries , Rice Or Roasted potatoes included bottle of pop or water.


Dinner plates

Chicken shawarma plate
Regular: $ 12.99
Large: $16.99

Chicken souvlaki plate
Regular: $ 12.99
Large: $ 16.99

Gyros plate
Regular: $ 12.99
Large: $16.99
Falafel plate: $9.99

All the above served with side Greek salad and pita bread or garlic bread.
And your choice of Two of the following side orders
( Rice, Fries, Roasted Potatoes )
All the large size dinner plates comes with extra meat.

our every day spacial


Chicken Shawarma  over rice
Gyros over rice 
Regular size:     $  7.99 
Large size:         $ 9.99 

Chicken Shawarma  over Fries
Gyros over Fries
Regular size:     $  8.99
Large size:         $ 10.99



Iceberg lettuce, Feta cheese , tomatoes ,onions, Kalmata olives , tossed in our signature Greek dressing.

Greek salad
Regular: $6.99
Large: $8.99

Add any meat: (shawarma Chicken, chicken souvlaki, Gyros meat) for $4.99

Add Falafel $2.99 ( 4 FALAFELS )

Spanakopita Salad comes with regulate Greek salad and tzatziki sauce $9.99

Caesar salad
Same deal as Greek salad.


All the meat salad comes with your choice of pita or garlic bread and one of the following sauces:
( Tihini , Humus , Garlic or Tzatziki ).


Side orders

Rice: $3.99
Fries: $3.99
Roasted Potatoes: $3.99
Greek fries: $6.99
(Fries,feta cheese,oregano and tzatziki sauce).



Pita bread: $1.00
Garlic bread: $1.49
Feta cheese: $1.00
Garlic sauce: $1.00
Humus sauce: $1.00
Tzatziki sauce: $1.00
Chicken shawarma meat: $3.99
Chicken souvlaki skewer: $4.99
Gyros meat: $3.99



 Bottle Pepsi: $2.25
Bottle Diet Pepsi: $2.25
Bottle Pepsi Zero: $2.25
Bottle 7UP: $2.25
Bottle Diet 7UP: $2.25
Bottle Orange Crush: $2.25
Bottle Gingerale: $2.25
Bottle Brisk Iced Tea: $2.25
Bottle Aquafina Water: $1.49
Bottle Dole Orange Juice: $2.25
Bottle Dole Apple Juice: $2.25
Bottle Pure Leaf Iced Tea: $2.99
Bubbly Sparkling Water: $1.99



Baklava    $ 3.99

“Best Shawarma i had in years. The food is super fresh and the staff is really wonderfull. I come every week.”

“Best food i had in years. The Shawarma is super fresh and the staff is really wonderfull. I come every week.”